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The mission and the team behind Etrify

Our Mission

Global issues such as the climate and ecological crisis, food waste, and ocean pollution leave a large amount of uncertainty for our future. As consumers, many of our daily actions contribute to these issues in some way - we buy food, we travel to work, and we heat our homes. Yet, so many people feel powerless in actions they can take to reduce their impact. Etrify aims to challenge this preconception.

We are building a new kind of social platform that integrates all things environment and sustainability. We believe data and technology can and should be used for social good, and our mission is to use data and technology to drive real change in consumer behaviour leading to a more sustainable future. Long term, we aim to be the go-to social platform of the future, bringing together all the great efforts individuals and organisations are making to tackle the deeply concerning environmental issues we face today.

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Etrify Team

Etrify was founded by two friends who met at the University of Exeter, UK: Jason Hale and Ross Adolph. We are a team of just two, having recently graduated and working as full time data engineers.

If you feel you are able to help reach our idea to new audiences, work with us, provide feedback or access to funding - then we'd love to hear from you!

Jason Hale


Jason is a Big Data Engineer at Kubrick Group, with strong experience in creating data ingestion pipelines, data encryption pipelines, and data compliance (CCPA and GDPR). He also has some experience with API and web development. Prior to Kubrick Group, he worked as a Data Analyst at Centrica.

Jason obtained a Masters in Physics at the University of Exeter. In his spare time, he enjoys music, djing, walking, cooking, and trying food from different cultures!

Ross Adolph


Ross is a Data Engineer at Jisc, focusing heavily on cloud infrastructure for data processing and continuous integration / deployment. Prior to Jisc, he worked as a GiS Data Analyst at Landmark.

Ross also obtained a Masters in Physics at the University of Exeter. In his spare time, he enjoys playing squash, cooking, watching rugby, and socialising with friends.


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