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Carbon Sprint®

Accelerate the race to net zero. High impact, zero fuss.

Etrify's Carbon Sprint® - for sustainability focused small businesses - is a quick, simple and collaborative approach to understanding your carbon footprint.

Calculating your emissions can be confusing, stressful and time consuming: Carbon Sprint® makes it easy.

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how it works



The first step in the Carbon Sprint is the two-hour workshop. This saves you confusion by contextualising the haziness around carbon footprint, and gets you thinking about your value/supply chain. Our collaborative approach helps you understand exactly what's needed to calculate and reduce your emissions.



After the workshop, we'll provide you with a bespoke template. Our expertise and experience working with data saves you stress by providing a user-friendly way to collect your emissions data, and minimises the time required for you to complete.



On receipt of your emissions data, we'll provide a detailed report compliant with the GHG Protocol within one week. This saves you time calculating your (scopes 1-3) emissions, and adopts industry standard data sources and best practices to ensure the highest level of accuracy.