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Our Mission

Carbon transparency the norm in business.

The Problem

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Lack of Transparency

Greenhouse gas levels are rising at an alarming rate, and we are dangerously close to a climate tipping point accelerating global warming. To prevent this, we need to drastically reduce our emissions. Companies have a big role to play, but most aren't transparent about their impact. As a result, emissions aren't going down as fast as they need to.

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Carbon neutral isn't enough

Whilst some companies have started planting trees, many “carbon neutral” businesses do not disclose their actual emissions. In a lot of cases offsetting is used as an excuse to carry on as normal (still releasing CO2). Carbon neutral is no longer enough: how can we enable reduction at a scale large enough to reach net zero?

The Solution

Carbon Transparency

Etrify exists to change the narrative around carbon footprint, to enable a movement of real carbon reduction throughout the business community. If we are to stand a chance at limiting warming to 1.5°, we need transparency. Carbon accounting should be business as usual, a requirement just like our tax returns.

Businesses are waking up to the fact that action is required now. They're changing their suppliers, bank accounts, pensions, and more to green alternatives - ones who are transparent. The more businesses who are transparent, the more others will hop on board. It's a small minority now, but the number is growing, and we're on a mission to accelerate that.

Our Impact

Etrify is committed to being a regenerative business: to do more good than harm for people and the planet. We're only just getting started, but have already made a series of commitments to show we walk what we talk. We've joined the SME Climate Hub, Better Business Act, and signed the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill, as well as pledged 5% of turnover to ESG causes every year.

Our 2021 carbon footprint was 1433 kgCO2e, and we have offset a total of 6000 kgCO2e with Pachama. Having gone through a pivot and focusing on product and customer discovery, very little business activity took place in 2021. Thus, our 2021 emissions are extremely low. We are now presented with a unique challenge to overcome - to keep emissions growth much lower compared with the growth of the company. We will regularly be updating our impact to show our progress over the coming years.

Check out our 2021 emissions report here.

See more about the carbon reduction projects we support via our Pachama impact page.

Our Values

At the core of our business is our values - a set of principles driving who we are, what we do, and how we do it.


People and planet on par with profit.


Over complexity.


Enables efficiency.


Technology complements humans, and humans complement each other.


In all our operations, and encouraging other businesses to do the same.